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I understand.

Let's say you already checked out the other few vehicles and mine was the last one you were looking at. After seeing all the other vehicles, what would be the factor in which vehicle you would purchase in the end? would it be the car itself, regardless of the deal you got on it, or the car you got the best deal on? 

1. The Deal

Exactly! So it's not a matter of if you are going to buy. but when. And the when is when the deal is right?

2.  The Car 

So you're telling me if the car was $10,000 more somewhere else you would still buy it?

Well No?

Exactly! So it is the great deal the dealership is willing to give you

I understand how it may seem that way. However, if you were to purchase a vehicle with fewer miles, you would have to spend more money. if you drove both vehicles for a three year period, which one would you end up owing more money on? the one with the fewer miles, of course! but with our vehicle having a few more miles, the biggest part of the depreciation cycle has already been taken into consideration. 

  • So, When you look at the bigger picture, you won't be upside down on our vehicle. whereas, with the other one with lower mile, you most likely will be.
  • So going with a highly rated vehicle like ours, with a few more miles, is  definitely the smartest way to go if you're looking to save some big money now and later.

Of course you need to think about it!

I haven't given you enough information "not" to think about it. what I would like to do is give you a quick, five minutes proposal of all the facts and figures so that you truly do have all the numbers to think about. 

would that be fair?

I understand!

Everybody has to start somewhere. First you start with looking. Then you find something that you like. Once you find something that you like, it's extremely important to find someone who is going to make yo an amazing deal.

  • Guys, that's me! So it's not a matter of if you are gonna buy, but when, and the when is when the deal is right. Am I right? 
  • So let me show you a quick, five minute proposal I guarantee you can't say no to. Follow me inside. This is going to blow you away!


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Story Selling

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